Find Out How Sellers Services Uses Greenius To Speed Up Onboarding

We talk a lot about the ways that online training can help you get your new employees up to speed...well, quicker! But don't take our word for it. Listen to Tony Sellers of Sellers Services uses Greenius Online Training to get new employees trained quicker, more conveniently, and cheaper!


Tony Sellers Greenius Testimonial

Video Transcript:

Tony: It's just allowed us to, from an onboarding standpoint, at least get, get them a little bit, especially with today's issues to kind of take people that have no experience in, at least get them some safety and understanding a little bit how something operates, you know, even though they haven't actually tried one yet.

Tony: They can do it [training] from home if we want, if they went to. So it's definitely, it makes it an easier option to try to get the training done and quickly. It keeps track of things for us, you know, we don't have to do all that. We don't have to take collections down in my basement that, you know, VHS and we'd have to worry about it not working anymore or trying to find a VHS player to run them.

Tony: It's just convenient. So, you know, the savings would be the fact that we don't have a guy, you know, I don't have a guy in a room with everyone. It's just been a great tool. And just making sure that you implemented it into your training program and utilize it. You know, it's something that, like everything we get, we just kind of, we get sidetracked...make sure you're utilizing it as much as you can.


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