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The secret to getting snow plowing insurance

October 3, 2019 By Greenius Team

Snow removal contracts are a popular way for landscaping companies to maintain staffing levels over the winter and ensure year-round income. When it comes to getting insurance, however, snow is a four-letter word. This article outlines why insurance has become such a challenge for snow removal companies and lets you in on one way that companies have used with good success to secure insurance they can afford.

How to avoid snow plowing insurance claims: 4 examples

October 1, 2019 By Greenius Team

If you take snow removal contracts to keep your landscaping income from freezing during the winter, you know all too well that plowing insurance is getting more difficult to obtain and more expensive to carry. A formal, documented training program is an excellent way to deal with a host of challenges in the landscaping trade, including obtaining insurance. This article offers four real-world examples of insurance claims made against snow removal companies, with information on how crew training could help you avoid them in your business.